• Oil Field Chemicals
    Creating Chemistry for sustainable future
  • Industrial cleaning chemicals
    Superior quality, performance and scientifically formulated
  • Research & Development
    To ensure products are in conformance with international and local standards.
  • Water treatment chemicals
    Creating value in waste water through innovations & expertise
  • Warehousing & Transportation
    Optimized warehousing and transportation management

Oil field chemicals


Saudi Multichem offers a wide range of Oil field Chemicals such as Demulsifiers, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, H2S Co2 and various other ...

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Industrial cleaning chemicals


Our industrial cleaning chemicals deliver superior performance and include heavy duty and highly concentrated commercial quality, solvent cleaners, de...

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Water treatment chemicals


We supply superior quality polyelectrolytes of various charge and molecular weights flocculent and coagulants specifically designed for use in waste....

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Research & Development


We have our R&D Laboratory to analyze and make formulations depending on the type of application and also make field testing. We operate with an aware...

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Welcome to Saudi Multichem Company:

Saudi Multichem partners with M-I SWACO [A Schlumberger Company] as an oilfield production chemical supply company providing solutions and associated services to oil and gas industry. Saudi Multichem and M-I SWACO jointly develop chemistry for Saudi ARAMCO for different oil field applications.

Saudi Multichem is one of the leading suppliers of production chemicals to a variety of industries, with its manufacturing , blending and distribution capabilities . We supply a wide range of performance production chemicals to every application sector within oilfield: drilling, cementing, stimulation and production.

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