Safety Engineer


5 March 2020 - 02 : 06 AM

About the Job

Main Job Duties:


  • Review plans and specifications for new machinery and equipment to make sure they meet safety requirements
  • Identify and correct potential hazards by inspecting facilities, machinery, and safety equipment
  • Develop hazard control processes, methods, and programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various industrial control mechanisms
  • Ensure that a building or product complies with health and safety regulations, especially after an inspection that required changes
  • Monitor implementation of safety plans according to plans and objectives
  • Ensure Installing safety devices on machinery or direct the installation of these devices
  • Review employee safety programs and recommend improvements
  • Communicate plans and strategies across the entire business unit from time to time
  • Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes
  • Collaborate with other levels of engineering staff, quality assurance, quality improvement, regulatory compliance specialists, etc.
  • Apply the latest safety techniques to control safety risks (Explosion Protection - ATEX) and hazards in the adoption of new technologies for using RDF, DSS and other types of alternative fuels.
  • Lead the team in the implementation of the Titan occupational health program by providing training to the team members on the procedures to be followed and records to be maintained.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with CSI standards by preparation and implementation of safe work procedures.
  • Develop and implement site emergency plan, modify and update the same from time to time to make it contemporary with new fire hazards arising out of use of alternative fuels.
  • Ensure the implementation of Titan safety procedures including MOC, 360 audits.
  • Establish safety CAPEX and OPEX for the plant including new safety projects needed for improvement of the infrastructure of safety facilities in the plant.


Job Requirements
  • BSc degree in any engineering/science discipline
  • Safety Certification is a plus
  • 2-4 years of relevant hands-on experience
  • Experience as safety engineer in heavy industry; ATEX knowledge is preferable.
  • Strong knowledge of safety engineering processes and practices
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking
  • Presentation and influencing skills
  • Advanced organizational skills
  • Team work and cooperation
  • PC literacy
  • Very good command of English

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