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Upstream chemicals

Drilling perfect boreholes is one of the more important things in your operation.
Saudi Multichem's special drilling fluids are formulated to help you function efficiently under all conditions a wellbore could experience.

Use Saudi Multichem's cementing chemicals and overcome wide-varying temperatures, corrosive elements, and fluctuating formation pressures to optimize cement slurries for your operation.

Improve the flow of hydrocarbons from the reservoir to your operation.
With Saudi Multichem's well intervention, increase your oil & gas production capacity.

Downstream chemicals

Production Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry treat the produced fluids (Oil, Gas, and Water) through down-hole and topside applications in both onshore and offshore to ensure phases separation, maximize oil & gas production, and elongate assets lifetime. Oilfield production chemicals are necessary to overcome or minimize the effects of the production chemistry problems...

  • Problems with solid precipitation and deposition - asphaltenes, scales, wax, gas hydrates, naphthenates, bio-growth, etc.
  • Problems with facility processing - foaming, emulsion, water quality (including injection water quality in case of waterflood), etc.
  • Problems with material integrity - material corrosion from production fluids, microbial activities, artificially introduced fluids (completion fluids, chemicals, etc.)
  • Problems with HSE - water discharge, toxicity, radio-active scales, H2S, etc.

Saudi Multichem's Pipeline cleaning chemicals help you remove waxes, hydrates, asphaltines, and other production-robbing solids that block your pipelines. Optimize your pipelines' flow & conserve their lifetime value.

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