Manufacturing & Blending


We do an ample capacity in our manufacturing facilities that is why our scope is not to limit the manufacturing & blending scope to our own products but to extend the scope to serve our partners by manufacturing & blending their products in our facilities.

We are pioneers in custom chemical blending, toll blending, and providing all the required manufacturing services of products QC, development, raw materials procurement, products cost optimization, and storage/warehousing/logistics services.

We are specialized in extensive liquid and dry manufacturing capabilities. Across a wide range of industries, we blend, package and deliver your solution. 

We have the capabilities and expertise necessary to take on the most challenging manufacturing or blending projects while meeting each customer’s specific criteria. From custom blending and packaging to warehouse storage and delivery, we offer a complete range of services that make us an ideal business partner for all of your chemical needs.

Along with vast capabilities we offer our customers a wide range of opportunities to expand and improve their business. 

We offer:

  • Custom chemicals manufacturing and blending.

  • Full products Quality Control via on-site laboratory.

  • Chemicals development to ensure products consistent quality.

  • Products cost optimization.

  • Raw Materials Procurement Services.

  • Large variety of package types.

  • Shipping to many countries.