Fuel Additives, Refinery & Petrochemicals

Fuel Additives: Refiners main goal is to produce refined products and fuel additives helps refineries meet their challenges through a comprehensive range of defined additives which support for improving the quality of the finished products, heavy oils and crude oils.
Saudi Multichem is supported by its R & D expertise, additives selection experience, tailoring fit to purpose treatment programs, and equipment supply to ensure optimum dosage and performance. Saudi Multichem mission is to support the refinery operation at maximum profitability.

Refinery: refineries are very complex and include systems with multiple processes. Understanding refinery systems, how they work, and the treatment challenges they face is the key to operation success.
Saudi Multichem provides a range of products to help refiners to maximize their output. Saudi Multichem solutions and chemical programs protect refineries assets, mitigate risk and meet obligations on time.

Petrochemicals: Saudi Multichem offers superior, reliable and sustainable solutions for every processing threat your plant faces. From corrosion control and fouling management to solutions that help you achieve sustainability targets, we reduce your total cost of operations and deliver long-term gains. We take pride in offering sustainable, reliable and profitable solutions for the petrochemical industry.