Pipeline Chemicals

The purpose of pipeline chemicals is to dissolve water scale, rust and other deposits formed by water - not corroding/attacking metal surfaces.
Surfactant blends designed to remove residual oil in the pipelines.
Water based, high viscosity gel pigs which recommended to replace conventional hard body pigs when pig launchers and receivers are not installed.
Saudi Multichem Gel Products can be pumped into the pipeline through any valve and then can be “launched” to clean, collect and remove solids, debris, and fluids just like a conventional pig.

Saudi Multichem Gel Pigs, like conventional pigs, can be used in cleaning and corrosion inhibitor applications with multiple spacer-flush combinations.
All of the Saudi Multichem Gel Products are completely biodegradable and non-toxic.
Sandblasting, after the pipe line is dewatered, clay is blown into short sections of the pipeline with a dry gas to absorb the remaining water.
The correct type of sand is then blown through the dust dry section at a high velocity to remove the clay, rust, and mill scale.

Pipeline Chemicals;