Stimulation Chemicals

Well stimulation is a well intervention performed on an oil or gas well to increase production by improving the flow of hydrocarbons from the reservoir into the well bore.
A simple and cheap solution is to pump chemicals from surface into the well to dissolve the offending material.
Once dissolved, permeability should be restored and the reservoir fluids will flow into the well bore, cleaning up what is left of the damaging material. After initial completion, it is common to use concentrated formic acid to clean up any mud and skin damage. In this situation, the process is called acidizing.
In more serious cases, pumping from surface is insufficient as it does not target any particular location downhole and reduces the chances of the chemical retaining its effectiveness when it gets there.
In these cases, it is necessary to spot the chemical directly at its target through the use of coiled tubing.
Coiled tubing is run in hole with a jetting tool on the end.
When the tool is at its target, the chemical is pumping through the pipe and is jetted directly onto the damaged area.
This can be more effective than pumping from surface, though it is much more expensive, and accuracy is dependent on knowing the location of the damage.

Stimulation Chemicals;